Luxury home buyers are seeking a certain lifestyle; the higher the listing price, the higher the buyers’ expectations. Most luxury homes are well appointed, but the interiors usually reflect the homeowner’s taste which may, or may not, resonate with potential purchasers. Keeping in mind that realtors have a smaller pool of clients for houses listed above one million dollars, and that that number decreases as the listing prices rise, it becomes most apparent that high-end sellers must do everything possible to capture the attention and emotions of that audience.

Wikipedia defines Home Staging as “the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace”. Luxury homes need thoughtful preparation which usually involves editing of furnishings and enhancement employing updated or additional appointments. The goal is to understand and project the preferences of the targeted buyer through design and with intentional placement of furnishings in order to showcase the home’s strengths and focal points.

Listed below are ten requirements that must be accomplished in order to successfully showcase your luxury home:

  1. Remove personal items: Discard unnecessary paperwork, mail, artwork or notes on refrigerators, wall calendars, outdated magazines.
  2. Reduce the amount of accessories in each room and remove all personal items, toiletries and family photos.
  3. Edit the amount of furniture in each living space, if necessary, in order to facilitate better traffic flow.
  4. Make sure that each room’s décor depicts the purpose of the space; bedrooms should show as tranquil sleeping quarters and all other rooms should denote a specific function. Focal points should excite buyers.
  5. Use proper lighting: update fixtures, remove track lighting, use LED soft white bulbs in place of energy efficient bulbs, install proper light bulbs in recessed can lights. Make sure that there are table lamps in every room for balanced lighting.
  6. Update kitchens and bathrooms: this can be accomplished without breaking the bank!!
  7. Paint walls with neutral colors: this does not mean “Linen White” in every room! Carefully chosen neutrals will appeal to all buyers.
  8. Remove any odors: rid the house of cooking smells, pet odors, musty basements and any smoking trace. Always use natural means of deodorizing such as “green” cleaners, daily airings and fresh flowers.
  9. The garage should be spotless: luxury buyers own luxury cars which must be housed with care. A clean and freshly painted garage is a must!
  10. The house should be move-in ready: freshen paint, refinish or polish hardwood floors, replace any worn carpeting, update fixtures and appliances as needed, make sure that the curb and yard appeal showcase the landscaping and outside living areas.

La Belle Maison will ensure that YOUR home is market ready in every way!