Vacant Home Staging

Only 10% of buyers can envision the property in any way other than how it is presented. Buyers easily become overwhelmed and uninspired. Vacant Home Staging fosters their imaginations and creates the vision necessary to allow them to see themselves living a desired lifestyle in the home.

Our designers start at the curb to ensure the buyer is excited when first viewing the property online and then again as they physically approach the property. Each room, presented as an incredibly luxurious, comfortable and beautiful living space, invites buyers to just mentally move right in!

The design team will transform each room by choosing just the right furniture, rugs, lighting, greenery and accessories to create the “Wow” factor that even the most discriminating buyer can’t resist. We work with the largest and most versatile furniture rental companies and often incorporate our own specialty pieces. All furniture and accessories are available for purchase since many buyers love the look of the house as it is presented through the staging.

Our track record is unprecedented in the industry. Our Luxury Staged Homes sell quickly, at the highest prices in their market, and often the sale escalates into a bidding war.

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