Home Staging

Comprehensive Consultation Report For most of us, our homes are our largest investment and biggest asset. Presenting your home to potential buyers as a collection of dated or empty rooms is repetitive and overwhelming. Our consultation report will document, in great detail, what preparations are necessary to prepare the property for Staging. All recommendations are based on data supporting highest possible ROI (Return on Investment).   Vacant Home Staging Only 10% of buyers can envision the property any other way than as it is presented. Home Staging fosters their imaginations and creates the vision necessary to allow buyers to anticipate living a desired lifestyle in the space. Our designers choose just the right furniture, rugs, lighting, greenery and accessories to ensure that the buyer is excited upon first viewing the property, whether that be online or in person. Each room is presented as an incredibly comfortable and beautiful living space. Buyers feel invited to just pack a bag and move right in. We work with the largest and most versatile furniture rental company in the business and then incorporate our own specialty pieces as well as accessories that reflect design trends. Our homes sell quickly and at the highest prices in their market.   Occupied House Staging Starting with the Comprehensive Consultation Report we build a plan that incorporates the owner’s home decor with accessories and, if necessary, carefully selected rental furniture, to enhance or update the design. You’ll have that “Model Home” look while still living comfortably day to day.   Color Consultation COLOR IS MAGIC! Color can change the ordinary to extraordinary giving new life and energy to every space in your home. Homeowners are often challenged finding just the right color. Whether you’re preparing a space for sale or for your own enjoyment, let us be your expert color guide and let the magic begin!